Challenges in Investigating and Prosecuting Sexual and Gender Based Crimes 11/22/22 12:00PM

November 22, 2022. 12:00 PM
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Mr. Pubudu Sachithanandan is a Trial lawyer at the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC. In the past 18 years he has served on teams investigating and prosecuting crimes that occurred in Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His ICC cases include Katanga & Ngudjolo, Kony et al, Ongwen, Al Bashir, Abu Garda, Banda & Jerbo, and Harun & Kushayb. He also served on the Prosecution teams for the Bizimana and Ngirabatware cases at the ICTR. Mr. Sachithanandan holds an MSt in International Human Rights Law (Oxford), an LLM and LLB (University of London), and has completed Programs on Advanced Principles of Humanitarian Law and Policy, as well as International Humanitarian Law and Counter-terrorism (Harvard University).