Op-Ed by Chancellor Nancy Cantor and RU Dreamer Esder Chong on Allowing Young Undocumented Immigrants to Get Drivers Licenses

The President of RU Dreamers, Esder Chong, and Chancellor of Rutgers University, Newark, Nancy Cantor, wrote a compelling op-ed, advocating for the State of New Jersey to allow young undocumented immigrants to be able to apply for drivers licenses.  As they wrote, "This is not the time to slow down on opening up access to education and opportunity to young immigrants. Instead, let's speed up to allow all qualified residents to access a driver’s license regardless of immigration status. These students are our next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers who deserve a fair chance to pursue their educational aspirations. When they succeed, we all succeed. Let’s make that a reality in New Jersey by passing legislation to expand access to drivers’ licenses now."
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